Being the best you can

Change requires solidarity with those ill-served by the current status quo. The FT/MPF Study into effective client-adviser relationships confirms that effective leadership and management are critical to ensuring a consistent quality service, with the majority of clients saying that, when selecting an adviser, the impression of being a “well-managed firm” is an essential pre-condition that, in practice, is seldom present.

Clients use surrogates to assess whether a firm is providing this critical impression – interactions with people and ideas; third party recommendations; reputation; and marketing collateral – while fully aware that these activities only succeed when everyone involved strives to be the best they can.

We have been connecting people and creating value since 1988 by motivating leaders and management team members at professional firms worldwide to be the best they can at improving performance, increasing profitability and preparing for an uncertain future.

The collective in-depth experience of getting things done and our tailored services help members shape ideas at every stage of the journey from inception to innovative action:

  • Stay abreast of the latest business thinking and sector intelligence (‘Ideas’)
  • Shape ideas and gain familiarity with your role, management team and people (‘Engagement’)
  • Convert insights into action through awareness of alternative perspectives, peer learning groups, and hiring suitable advisors (‘Delivery’)
  • Show your contribution and achievements to increase your influence (‘Influence’)

Group brands include: